EUROINSPEKT-AGROINSPEKT d.o.o. is an inspection company which provides services of quality and quantity control of agricultural and food products.¸

Our core business, in which we are the leading company in the Republic of Croatia, is the classification and categorization of pig, bovine and ovine carcasses and half-carcasses on slaughter line, and services of supervision over the system of marking of beef.


Besides that, our specialties are:


  • control of cereals, oilseeds and sugar beet,
  • control of fruits and vegetables,
  • expert consulting services.

Euroinspekt-Agroinspekt d.o.o., with headquarters in Zagreb, provides its services across the whole territory of the Republic of Croatia.

Company’s employees are especially qualified and skilled and they perform their tasks responsibly and in a high-quality manner, with emphasis on services of classification of pig, bovine and ovine carcasses and half-carcasses, and inspection of grains and fruits, with the usage of prescribed equipment.

Their competence is proven not only by many years of experience, but also by official cards issued by the Croatian Agricultural Agency confirming their successfully completed education and expert exams for jobs of classification of pig, bovine and ovine carcasses and half-carcasses on slaughter line.

In order to improve our business activities to achieve higher standards of quality and productivity as well as to improve competitiveness, we established a laboratory for food testing, water analyis as well as for measuring the hygiene of objects in line with the accepted standards according to Croatian legislation which is in turn conforming to the EU standards.

Croatian legislation makes it obligatory for subjects in the food business to conform with good production and hygiene practice, unified under HAACP criteria, when handling food in all stages of production - processing, finishing, storage, transport, preparation and serving.


Euroinspekt-Agroinspekt d.o.o. is a legal successor of the inspection company JUGOINSPEKT-Zagreb, which provided services of inspection of goods and was operating across the whole territory of the former Yugoslavia. The core business of JUGOINSPEKT was service of quality and quantity inspection of goods in production and transportation, at home and abroad, including the issuing of appropriate documents (verifications, records, certificates).

By the end of 1990, Jugoinspekt-Zagreb had been the largest and most important company for quality and quantity inspection of goods in the Republic of Croatia.

During 1991, some organizational and status changes occurred, when the employees of individual organizational units have established several new companies preserving same services that each individual work organization provided before.

Newly established companies have become independent legal entities in accordance with the business they have registered; they appear independently in the market and are carrying out their commercial and business activities. Euroinspekt–Agroinspekt d.o.o. has registered at the Commercial Court of Zagreb in 1991 and has been doing business since as an independent company, continuing its 30-years old tradition in providing services in a high-quality manner.


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