The food we are eating today is undoubtedlysafer than ever before in our thousand-year oldeffortto produce as much quality (i.e. hygienic) food as possible.

Modern methods of production, processing, storage, transport and finally sale sometimes has a negative impact on the quality, i.e. hygiene of food has a significant role in etiology of various human diseases.

Food safety is therefore a very important materialized part of nutrition and healthcaresystems, and the security strategy is made possible only due to the principles of good hygienic and production practice (agricultural, veterinary, technological) and on the basis of critical evaluation of acceptable risk and control of critical production points – HACCP system which enables identification, evaluation and control over chemical, physical and biological food dangers which are important for food security in all stages of production, processing and distribution of food. Microbiological dangers in food represent the main source of food diseases and may cause economic losses for food production and food industry.

Microbiological criteria can be used for validation and verifiction of HACCP procedures and other methods of hygiene control. Accordingly, tresholds were established defining conformity of the process as well as microbiological criteria for the food safety setting the limits over which the food is to be considered unsuitably contamined with microorganisms encompassed by the criteria.

Our laboratory may:

  • examine health safety of food;
  • examine health safety of animal food;
  • examine health safety of water for human consumption;
  • examine cleanliness of objects, equipment and hands;
  • control carcases at the slaughterhouse.

Laboratory employees take samples by arriving in accordance with the set schedule, transport samples to the laboratory, prepare and analyse samples and evaluate trends.

We carry out the above analyses in accordance with the Commission Regulation 2073/2005 and Croatian legislation:

  • Commission Regulation (EC) No. 2073/2005of 15 November 2005 on microbiological criteria for foodstuffs;
  • Guidelines for microbiological criteria for foodstuffs (3rd edition, March 2013), recommended microbiological criteria;
  • Regulation on the sampling frequency of carcases, minced meat and meat products and metods to reduce numer of elementary sample units in facilites with smaller production capacities (NN 30/2010, 38/2012);
  • Regulation on the control frequency and criteria for microbioogical cleanliness in the facilities under sanitary monitoring (NN 137/2009);
  • Regulation on parameters for conformity and methods for analysis of water intended for human consumption (NN 125/2013, 141/2013).

Euroinspekt-Agroinspekt d.o.o. laboratory carries out all activities in accordance with good practice, HRN EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard, necessary methodology and user requests. All employees involved in laboratory assesment implements excellence policies and procedures.





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